• Leave Nothing But Footprints

    No need to risk it, each tour is accompanied by a photographer, so you can simply enjoy the ride. You donʼt need anything to distract you from all the sights.

    We provide water, but you’ll need to bring a canteen or water bottle to use during your ride. We ask that you leave your jewelry, other valuables, camera and cell phone locked in your car. If youʼre wearing glasses, we recommend a strap to keep them in place. Sky Valley is not responsible for, nor can we recover items dropped from the course.

  • Rain or Shine

    Our tours run rain or shine, so bring along a rain jacket and pants to make sure youʼre comfortable. You may get a little wet, but youʼll still have a lot of fun.

    If the weather is cold, we suggest you wear thin, liner style gloves that can be worn under the provided and required work-style gloves. A wind resistant outer layer is helpful, as well as stocking caps or low profile ear warmers that fit under our helmets.

  • Dress in Layers

    An outdoor adventure comes with the unpredictability of weather. Bring layers so you can be comfortable in our constantly changing environment. Keep in mind that our full-body harness will wrap around your upper thigh, shoulders, and waist. So wear shirts, shorts, and pants that cover modestly.